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Revolutionizing Retail Tech: Envelope at II Retail Startups Day by Inetum
Revolutionizing Retail Tech: Envelope at II Retail Startups Day by Inetum
Henrik Frederik Ait
May 29, 2023

Envelope, with its innovative enRetail platform, had the honor of being one of only six startups handpicked to feature at the prestigious II Retail Startups Day, an initiative organized by the Inetum Retail Innovation Observatory. This recognition stands as a testament to our relentless commitment to revolutionizing the retail sector.

The II Retail Startups Day, held in Inetum's Madrid office, was an astounding blend of technology, innovation, and networking. While the event hosted a series of presentations, the highlight for us was undoubtedly our CEO, Khuldoon Bukhari, taking the stage to showcase enRetail.

CEO Khuldoon Bukhari sharing the stage with fellow innovators at Inetum's II Retail Startups Day - uniting breakthroughs in retail technology under one roof.

Inetum, an agile IT services company known for delivering top-notch digital services and solutions worldwide, ensured the event was high-quality. Their commitment to helping companies harness the potential of digital flow aligned perfectly with our vision, making the event an even more enriching experience.

Khuldoon's pitch about the application of Computer Vision in stock supervision, an area where enRetail shines, was well received. Our platform's ability to track and monitor retail store shelves in real-time and generate restocking alerts presents a game-changing solution to brick-and-mortar retail businesses. We invite you to watch his impressive pitch here.

The event also served as a meeting ground for various retail-focused startups, each showcasing their unique offerings. From AI in pricing strategies to real-time inventories and smart shopping carts, the lineup of presentations was nothing short of inspiring.

The day concluded on a high note with fruitful discussions, enlightening presentations, and an anticipation of what the next Retail Startups Day will bring. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Inetum for orchestrating such a vital event, and we are already excited about the upcoming III Retail Startups Day.

For those who missed the event, or wish to relive the innovative insights, you can watch the full event stream here.

Follow our journey as we continue to innovate in the retail sector and bring groundbreaking solutions to stores near you.

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