Pilot Implementation of enRetail Platform in the U.S. Market

Project no: RE.5.04.23-0374

Project start and end: 16.11.2023 – 15.04.2024

Grant amount: 36 926,25 EUR

The project is funded from the state budget's research and development financing resources.

Project goals and outcomes

The project aims to achieve two parallel objectives: technical integration and administrative (legal) implementation.

Administrative (Legal) Implementation

Involves legal analysis, contract preparation complying with local legislation, and ensuring privacy law compatibility. International IP protection within the retail market is also pursued.

Technical Integration

The project involved integrating with EEN (Eagle Eye Networks), the cloud VMS provider used by our customer. EEN manages hardware and networking at customer locations, providing access to camera feeds through a secure cloud VMS platform. This integration enables EEN's retail customers to seamlessly connect existing cameras to our platform by signing in to their EEN account, eliminating the need for additional technical or security configurations. As a result, onboarding times are faster, customer satisfaction is higher, and more value is derived from existing technological investments.