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Envelope's Success at Rimi Open Innovation
Envelope's Success at Rimi Open Innovation
Henrik Frederik Ait
June 20, 2023

In the fast-paced world of retail, innovation is key to success. From June 14th to 16th, Envelope had the privilege of participating in Rimi Baltic's retail innovation hackathon, and we are thrilled to share that we emerged as one of the chosen winners. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Envelope and affirms our commitment to revolutionizing the retail industry.

During the hackathon, we had the opportunity to present our innovative solutions to Rimi Baltic's executives, showcasing how our technology could bring benefits to all stakeholders. From providing better oversight to improving on-shelf availability to reducing food waste from unsold items, our solutions struck a chord with the decision-makers at Rimi Baltic. However, it was the face-to-face meetings that proved to be the most valuable aspect of the event.

Engaging in direct conversations allowed us to thoroughly discuss important topics and receive immediate feedback, saving us months of back-and-forth emails. This personal interaction ensured that our message was clear, and we fully understood Rimi Baltic's feedback. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of effective business meetings and the impact they can have on a successful partnership. In this case, it made all the difference.

While conversing with Rimi Baltic, we had a realization. The solution we strive to provide to our customers is in high demand. Retailers are actively seeking ways to address the challenges we aim to solve. This confirmation not only delighted us but also provided the reassurance and determination we need to bring our solution to a wider audience. The timing couldn't be better.

It was inspiring to witness the emphasis placed by other startups and hackers on reducing waste. Food waste, in particular, carries a tremendous environmental and monetary cost for retailers. Seeing the dedication of so many others in tackling this crucial issue brought us great satisfaction. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in the industry.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Rimi Baltic for their exceptional organization of the event. Hosting an event of this magnitude is no small feat, and Rimi Baltic executed it flawlessly. Everything proceeded smoothly according to plan, and we commend the organizing team for their outstanding efforts.

Winning the Retail Hackathon and securing a paid pilot with Rimi Baltic is a significant milestone for Envelope. It validates our assumptions, confirms the real-world demand for our solutions, and highlights our potential in the retail market. We will cherish this accomplishment and continue to strive for excellence as we move forward.

As we conclude our reflections, we can't help but share a quick and lighthearted remark from our team. "This is the first hackathon we've attended where they didn't serve pizza. But you know what? The food they actually served was much better (and healthier)!" It's these small details that make a difference and contribute to an overall positive experience.

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